Friday, April 9, 2010

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Mom Sites I Love

Here are some links to sites I visit that are great "Mommy Reads"

Cheaper Than Therapy

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Kid Sights I Love

Here are links to sites I visit regularly that have fun crafts and activities to do with your children.

This sight has lots of homeschool activites.
Lots of free printables!!

BWS tips button

Another Awesome sight featuring alot of beautiful homeschool activities. 
We love her Letter Of The Week Curriculmn.
Lots of Free Prinatables!!

Great crafts!
Free Printables!

abc button
A great source of party ideas, crafts and more!

We love her geography curriculmn!
Free Prinatbles!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Who Is the Queen? And What is This, That & Everything?

Hello, I'm Hillary,  I am a 30 something stay-at-home-mom with four children, an amazing husband and a wild crazy pooch.  I am The Queen of This, That & Everything around our house. 

I have been married to my High School Sweetie for 12 years.

We have four amazing kids!

Meet My Boy. 8yrs old.
 He loves baseball and football. 
He enjoys drawing and his favorite toys are Star Wars, Play Mobiles and Legos.

Meet The Countessa, 8yrs Old and My Boys twin sister.
She loves horses, Hannah Montana and playing outside.
Her favorite toys are Barbies, and Loving Family Doll House.

Meet The Duchess. 7yrs old.
She loves, loves,loves, loves to play school.
She has already decided, with conviction, to be a teacher when she grows up!
She loves reading, math and going to school.

Meet The Princess. 5yrs old.
She is very outgoing, very talkative and loves to dance.
Her favorite activites are legos, bike riding and playing dress-up.

Meet The Pooch. 2yrs old Black Lab.
He is also freqently referred to as the Wild Beast. Thus due to his very energetic personality!
He is the most loyal, loving dog I have ever met.
He loves chasing his ball, his blue Kong toy and playing with the neighborhood pooches.
He is also amazing with our kiddios and is very patient while they dress him in various costumes and lay all over him.